Our two years of research has produced five practical tools to help New Zealand homes and communities be more resilient to severe natural events. Three tools help people to assess the resilience of dwellings and sites. The fourth tool is aimed at improving organisational responses to older people affected by adverse natural events. The final tool provides guidelines to help organisations respond to the needs of older people during and after adverse natural events and to better utilise the skills older people have in preparing for and developing effective agency response to adverse natural events and recovery.

Homes and Heavy Weather Resilience Tool

The Homes and Heavy Weather Tool is a checklist style guide that takes you step by step through parts of a dwelling to identify risks to house resilience that might be present.

Materials for Resilient Houses Tool

The Materials for Resilient Homes Tool is a component rating tool which provides a quick reference to help you identify components and materials that enhance or reduce the resilience of your home.

Sites for Resilient Homes Selection Tool

The Site Selection Tool helps older people to ask the right questions about, do some research about and look at their site to be better informed about their site selection choices.

Flood Experience Tool

The Flood Experience Tool is targeted to organisations that have, or potentially have, important roles in helping communities recover from adverse natural evens. Including, government agencies, emergency services, community organisations, services for older people, councils, housing providers, insurers, utility providers and building and construction. The Flood Experience Tool is interactive, taking participants through a range of real flood expereicnes of older people living independently in the community and the issues they face.

Research-based Guidelines – Learning from Older People’s Flood Experiences

The research-based guidelines bring together, in summary form, the learnings from with older people around flood experiences and recovery. It provides guidelines to help organsations respond to the needs of older people during and after adverse natural events.

We are relying on like-minded organisations to spread the word about these Tools. If you would like to host the Tools on your website please contact us:

Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment (CRESA)
Freephone: 0508 427 372