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This page will be updated with papers and reports on findings as the research progresses.

We Had Our Retirement All Worked Out, And Then ... Learnings from Older People`s Flood Experiences26/09/2014
Enabling Older People with Tools for Resilient Communities: The Flood Experience Tool10/09/2014
Why Site Selection Matters01/09/2014
Council Planning and Policies: Positive Ageing and Planning for Adverse Natural Events10/08/2014
Review of international flood insurance and recovery mechanisms: Implications for New Zealand and the resilience of older people - Research Summary31/07/2014
Review of international flood insurance and recovery mechanisms: Implications for New Zealand and the resilience of older people - Full Report31/07/2014
National Coastal Susceptibility: Vulnerable areas and demographics28/06/2014
Local Government Housing, Older Tenants and Adverse Natural Events26/06/2014
Retirement Village Housing Resilience Survey11/06/2014
Older People`s Experiences of Adverse Natural Events: preliminary findings from the national surveys01/12/2013
Conference Papers And PresentationsDownloadDate
Adverse Events: Prevalence & Impacts14/11/2013
Final Summit: Catherine Bridge - Resilience and Ageing: Experiences29/09/2014
Final Summit: Sue Carswell - Canterbury Earthquakes29/09/2014
Final Summit: Dwelling, Component & Amenity Resilience Tools29/09/2014
Final Summit: Site Selection Tool Presentation29/09/2014
Final Summit: The Flood Experience Tool29/09/2014
Final Summit: Rob Wiener, Older People`s Housing & Planning for Resilience29/09/2014
Final Summit: Russell Montgomery - Seddon Earthquake Response29/09/2014
Final Summit: Community Resilience and Older People - What`s it All About29/09/2014
Tools for Resilient Communities - Presentation to Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference, Wellington, Sept 201429/09/2014
Universal Design: Everyone, Everywhere, Every time24/09/2014
Improving Disaster Management Practice - An Interactive Experience Tool21/08/2014
So What is it all About - Research Overview28/07/2014
The Current and Future Role of Insurance in New Zealand for Improving the Resilience of Older People15/05/2014
Dwelling, Component and Amenity Resilience Tools15/05/2014
The Dream Home, Dream Site Nightmare15/05/2014
Community Resilience and Good Ageing: Flood Experience Tool15/05/2014
Resilient Design Thinking: How can it be used to improve lifestyles?15/05/2014
Resilient Communities Programme - Some Preliminary Learnings and Next Steps15/05/2014
Summit Overview (15 May 2014)15/05/2014
Coastal & Flood Inundation: hazard exposure and risk for the elderly15/05/2014
International Flood Insurance & Recovery Provision14/11/2013
In-depth Interviews14/11/2013
BRANZ Resilience Tool Development14/11/2013
Download14 November 2013
Resilient Communities Newsletter February 201420/02/2014
Sally Priest: Resilient Houses and Insurance Futures04/06/2014
Sue Roaf: Resilient Houses Make for Resilient People02/06/2014